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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Wenger: 'We will learn from this today'

Jom layan apa yang aku ngan Wenger sembang lepas match semalam..
Keputusan akhir:  Newcastle 0-0 Arsenal


  • Aku tanya:  ___
  • Arsene Wenger jawab:____

on what he thought of Gervinho’s red card..
I think I saw two yellows or two reds but not one yellow and one red.

on Joey Barton’s involvement in the incident…
There is a link between the incident [and Diaby’s sending off last season]. He got away with a yellow card both years.

on whether Gervinho should have had a penalty…
I don’t know.  I wasn’t close enough to see it so we will have to watch it again.

on Arsenal’s performance…
I thought we had a solid performance and were in control. Newcastle had last season’s 4-4 more in their mind than we did. They organised not to concede goals, defended well and it was very difficult for us because we played a team who was highly focused to defend. We missed something, the regret is that we missed something in the final third and in the speed of our passing. But, overall, we had a good performance. I can’t remember giving Newcastle a chance at goal and, away from home, you have to give credit to our team for that.

on the reaction of his players…
We try to play football and, if you watched today, you will see that. Overall, I feel we have been very harshly punished today. We try to play and sometimes we overreact. We have to take control of that. If we have an area to improve on, then that is it. We will learn from that today.

on the performance of Koscielny and Vermaelen…
If we had conceded a goal I would have been bombarded with questions about why I don’t buy a centre back! They have to take credit.

on whether he will do any more business in the transfer market…
I am not against spending money if the players we buy can improve our squad. We have a big squad and if some players leave we will try to bring players in. We request top quality and we are not scared to spend money.

on the fans’ relationship with the players…
It is important that there is a love between the fans and the players. The players today have shown a commitment that deserves the support of the fans.

on Nasri, Fabregas’ situations…
We are, on both fronts, in no-mans land. At the moment, they are players of Arsenal Football Club.

on whether there has been an approach from Manchester City for Nasri…
I wouldn’t like to comment on that. We will keep you informed.

15 membebel dan merepek:

alah. benci lah kat sini tak dapat tgk bola -.-' tade geng lak uhh. haiyaaa

hahaha .. hebat doe kau dpt borak ngn wenger :D

bpe kali dah wenger ckp camtu.. =,='

tudiaaa...speaking london bagai..hahaha....

hehe.. sgt setuju dgn cik anyyss.. haha.. da byk kali dah.. tp hebat la ko leh ckp dgn wenger..

fatin: haha.. balik umah tengok la puas2.. sabo2.. hehe

Alif: eh besa la.. slalu ja lepak skali

Anyyss: aiyak.. biasala manager mmg cakap camtuh..

Miss Soly: haha.. broken London jer

Aiman: biasa la.. Aku ngan dia kawan lama dah

haha, takde playmaker kot tanpa nasri dengan fabregas :P

chelsea pon tengah cari sekarang ni XD

keroro: wilshere elok nnt ok la.. ramsey ok gak.. ashavin ngn rosicky tuh x ley pakai da...

hahaha..pergh...dasat la leh cakap dgn wenger tuuuuu..
eeh.. rangers bertemu dgn ninja turtle la.. :)

CR: hehe.. smbang2 kosong ja.. waka.. saya minat rangers jugak la.. wuuu

haha nnt pesan kt die sir alif ferguson kirim salam kt dia ..

alif: haha.. orait.. x der hal.. Waka


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