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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Fun Fact(s) #1

Assalamualikum and hello

Seem like decades that this blog have been updated.. This is all due to the insufficient amount of ideas, effort and lust for  updates..

But really, who cares.. Nobody did notice my absentees though.. Ermmmm.. :(

Nevertheless, this is what I really want to write about... A fact that a few of us might know.. That means most of the people doesn't...

The fact is, if we do live in a world without 
microorganism or bacteria, we will be 
as healthy and perhaps never will even catch a flu.. 
But know this, without those microbes, we wouldn't get to urinate or experience bowel movements.. 
Yeahhhh.. No daily personal business in toilets anymore... 
In fact, the word toilet may never existed.. Haha

So, be thankful and grateful that the Almighty Allah swt create those microorganisms.. :D

[highly recommended]

p/s: shoutmis tak boleh pakai dah ka?? nak tukaq ngan apa?? Help needed... lalalala

8 membebel dan merepek:

perh. .klu xde jamban nanti peluh keluar najis ke? euwwwww~

Sekecil kecil mkhluk pun ada fungsi yg besaaarr.

hey hoo.lama xdgr khabar's life .hehehe

apel: euwwww.. x tepikir plak.. syukur lah x macam tuh.. hoho

hanie: ello.. macam nie la.. still forever alone.. hohohoh

shoutbox? buang sudeh~ huhu

Nad: Dah buang.. tq 4 advise.. ~~

Alhamdulillah. Huhu. Menghilang lama benor. Haha. Shoutmix tu dorang tukar dengan shoutbox yang ping busuk punya. Cubalah. Saya guna CBOX. So, tak perlu tukar. Hehe

Hira: hampir x kenal bila tukaq nama.. hehehe.. ye ker.. ok2.. malas nk pakai sbox dah.. ehe


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