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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I Don't Dare, But He Does

Assalamualaikum and Hi

How ur doin'? Been a while since i write in Preseltongue huh.. Opps.. Sorry.. A little confusion there.. It's not preseltongue, it's broken english la.. Haha.. Yeah. I am a Harry Potter fan..
Owh, gorgeous Harmione.. Hmmm

It's nothing special to write in this entry really, just want to share my thoughts regarding what my Senpai wrote in his entry.. Want to read too?? Click HERE-HERE .. OK.. Done reading?? Actually, I always want to write the same issue for a long time now, but I don't really have the guts to do so..

So, do you agree with him.. Should blogs equipped with that widget.. Well, for me, it is not necessary.. Seriously, I would prefer to do my blogwalking peacefully and in perfect hamony.. I usually open different blogs in different tabs, and when that widget start to functioning, I always don't know which blog that making that fuzz.. Eventually, I end up reading those entries really fast, without leaving any traces, because I really want to close the blog that disturb my BW..

Yeah.. You might say, just silence the sound system, or turn off the volume.. But seriously, should bloggers thinks like this.. Entries are written for other people to read.. Not for personal enjoyment.. So, same as in business, customers always right and they are the boss.. So, unhappy customers means unsuccessful business.. Same applies in blogging.. If your blog got that widget, and most readers don't like it, they will perhaps never return to your blog the next time you update.. Got it??

This issue might seem old, but still many bloggers did this.. Especially the new bloggers.. Well, i don;t blame them..I/m new too.. There's so much more to learn in this blogging world, and the fastest way to learn them is through observations, a lot of readings, and learn from past mistakes..

Till next time, Sayonara amigos..

p/s: how is my English?? If it is bad, do tell me..Mock me if you would..
Really appreciate your opinion.. :D

9 membebel dan merepek:

nak tusyen BI kat ko!!!!

okay je english anda..asalkan boleh faham sudah.. :)

Nad: ok.. u register nex sem ok.. no fee.. free of charge.. haha

Aisyah: thx.. hope it is not to complicated.. :D

not bad.. better than me.. congrtaz.. ku pun ckp omputeh.. hehe

Aiman: thanks dude.. sory that my english "infect" you.. haha

not bad, but still can't fight the boss. HAHA

Keroro: who's the boss?? haah.. the english alien huh?

hehehe...terkejut nkooo kalo ada lagu tiba2 masuk ke gegendang telinga dalam kesepian malam...

Kak Sunah: haha.. kan2.. kadang2 sbb ada lagu tu la saya lansung x baca entry tuh.. rasa cam kejam plak -.-"


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