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Sunday, 25 November 2012

IDM Full Crack Version Tutorial


Ever used Internet Download Manager (IDM) before?? Nope??
Seriously, do use it.. The mmost simple way to download anything, from youtube to 4shared, and even diirect links.

Some of us do use it, but still not fully activated, meaning the software is still in trial version.

So, in this post I want to share a few simple steps to make your IDM  fully activated, and also some tips and cheats to download faster and easier..

First, if you still don't have the IDm software, just click the link provided below or just google search : "IDM with crack mediafire" .

              1.     Mediafire 
              2.     AAVG

Then, extract the .rar file to your desktop (or any directory you prefer). For those first timer users, Install the software  as usual .. Next next next yes finish.

Then, make sure you close the IDm first.. Go to your bottom right and click the "show hidden Icon" button. There, the IDM icon is exist, so right click it, and choose exit.

Next, open up the extracted IDM  folder again, and go into the crack folder. Usually there will be four icons, mainly IDM.exe  ; readme  ; run x64   ; runx32/86.. Ok, before doing anything, minimize the window. Go to your dekstop and right click on the My Computer icon (if not available, it is in your Start window) and check your PC/Laptop system type.. For example, my laptop run on the 64-bit system..  THEREFORE, back to the IDM folder, double click on the runX64 icons.. yes yes yes continue, the usual stuff.. For other laptop which run on 32bit system, just do the same with the runx32 icon..

By now, your IDM should run on fully registered and the trial time is gone.. How to check? Open IDM, go to help and click on about IDM... There you will see whether your IDM is full or trial...

But, some of of you will have a problem, the IDM cannot run or an error window appear saying your idm trial time has ended or something like that.. Don worry.. the solution is simple..

In the IDM folder, there should be a icon labelled IDMan.exe (or IDMan in some) ... Just double click on it, and your IDM will run as usual, theoretically.. And it will also be in full version..

But if it still cannot run, or an error occur, you should reinstall the whole thing and do it again.. Using an uninstalling software such as Revo Uninstaller would be advisable..

Last but not least, i want to share a few tips to make your download easier and faster..

1. In IDM, choose option, go to file type and copy paste all of this rite after the word ZIP

2. In option, go to connection and set your connection type into LAN 10Mbps and the Default Max conn to 16. This will maximise the download speed and no of fraction the file been downloaded.

That all from me.. I hope this post will help you to become a professional illegal downloader.. Hahaha..
If anything is ay is wrong or anything u don understand, do comment.. InsyaAllah i will respond immediately..

Until next time folks , Adios..


credits to: syoketaris and people of the internet dimension.. -.-''

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Still Waiting

Still Waiting...

Waiting for what??

I am still waiting for the scientist to create a belt with a rotating fan inside it, and will equip me a new costume and increase my strength, simply by shouting Hen-shin and do some weird hands movement..

I am still waiting for the engineers to build a four-story high robots so that I can pilot it and fly into the space..

I am still waiting for scientist to create a time machine, so that i can revisit my past and score 4 flat in all my semesters..

I am still waiting for my perfect girl, my missing left rib, my love, my future wife.. Hopefully we can live a happy life.. InsyaAllah..

I am still waiting for Islam to be strong again, be united, proud and respected, like in the Sirah i read, stories i heard..

Most important is,

I am still waiting for me to change.. I wish I had fulfill of all my promises, makes everyone happy, to be a better man and obtain the ultimate price, His redha..


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