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Friday, 22 April 2011 Gudang IT anda

Assalamualikum. Hello there.

This time I would like to share with you the best and the coolest website ever.
As in the previous post, I stated that the article about 10 sebab cuci motor adalah lebih baik dari berkhalwat is the article that I took from this

Perhaps some of you already know about this site but many still don't.
Why did I think this site is so cool? Hmm.. Here are some few reasons why:

1. You can download anything, which include the latest movies, up to date softwares, famous animes and mp3s. But some downloads are only available for donators and admins. Still, there is tonnes of other great stuff that you can download. Best of all, most the links are usually direct link(mediafire, rapidshare, fileserve) which means that it is fast download link and its FREE!!

2.Many great articles are post there. These article are not only about funny stories or tips, but also include stuff about religion, lifestyle, social and others. Try check it out. 

3. Great portal to find "calon isteri". Hehehe. Just kidding.  But there are a lot of syoketari (name for those who register with this site) that are bautiful and cute.. Its not wrong to "expand" your search area right?? 

So, there you go. That's why I say that is BEST!!
To start download, just register as usual and do the usual stuff. Verification and blah blah blah... As simple as eating Maggi.

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