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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

First Malaysian Playboy Bunny

Hello there

Do you know who is Felexia Yeap? Well, look at the picture below..

Looks like someone famous right? In fact, she is quite famous.. She was competing in Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 recently.. And what more interesting is that she is the first Malaysian girl who get to be a Playboy Bunny..

What are your general perception about Playboy Bunny girl? Hmmmm..
OK guys.. Clear the dirty thoughts out of your mind now.. That is so immature..

China Press reported that the 25-year-old former kindergarten teacher said the public had a wrong perception towards the bunny girls.
“We are only waitresses and entertainers. We are not required to strip,” she said.
She answered this when she was asked whether she would strip in a photoshoot.. And the answer is ****** NO !! Sorry guys..
 Don't worry, she worked as Bunny in Macau, not in Malaysia lah..
  Original story from Star Online

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