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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Son, Please Read This


This is my first entry in English. Hope you all don't mind ok. If you are not so good in English, please don't be mad at me ok.(a^_^)V


Son: Abah, tomorrow is my final exam. Wish me luck ok.
Dad: Luck?? No need laa.. What for.??. Sure fail lah..

Son: WHat!! Why abah? I study very2 hard you know.. 
Dad: Liar.!! I know you do not study at all. You want to why? Because:

A year has 365 days sunday(holiday) – 52
balance 313 , summer holidays – 50
balance 263 , 8 hours daily sleep mean 122 days ,
balance 141
1 hour daily playing means 15 days ,
balance 126
2 hours daily food means 30 days ,
balance 96
1 hour for talking means 15 days ,
balance 81
exam days per year 35 days
balance 46
festival 40 days
balance 6
for sickness 3 days , movies & functions at least 2 days ,
balance 1 day ,
that 1 day is BIRTHDAY ,
how can you study & pass ?

Son: HUH??? 

p/s: just a joke ok. Take this from a friend's post in Facebook. Thank U Abdul Karim (^_^)V

2 membebel dan merepek:

lana dri kelb blog abg BA, salam kenal n folow u :) folo me back, lau sudi :)

Trimasih sebab folow.. insyaAllah nnt i folo u balik (oopss bunyi cam stalker plak) .. hehe


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