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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Still Waiting

Still Waiting...

Waiting for what??

I am still waiting for the scientist to create a belt with a rotating fan inside it, and will equip me a new costume and increase my strength, simply by shouting Hen-shin and do some weird hands movement..

I am still waiting for the engineers to build a four-story high robots so that I can pilot it and fly into the space..

I am still waiting for scientist to create a time machine, so that i can revisit my past and score 4 flat in all my semesters..

I am still waiting for my perfect girl, my missing left rib, my love, my future wife.. Hopefully we can live a happy life.. InsyaAllah..

I am still waiting for Islam to be strong again, be united, proud and respected, like in the Sirah i read, stories i heard..

Most important is,

I am still waiting for me to change.. I wish I had fulfill of all my promises, makes everyone happy, to be a better man and obtain the ultimate price, His redha..

2 membebel dan merepek:

still waiting my left rib...
auucchh! suwitttnye ayat tu... ;)

me too..


#dzarief jiwang...XD


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